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Civil news: checklist for CLA escape fee claim 1 forms

Checklist issued for use with CLA EC-CLAIM 1 on civil escape case billing in CLA cases.

A checklist for CLA escape cases is now available to help ensure you are paid as quickly as possible when billing for work in this area.

We decided to introduce this new checklist for consistency with the approach adopted in the other escape case categories.

Our checklists are relied on by our processing teams and were introduced to try and reduce the number of rejected claims.

But they are also useful for providers because they detail:

  • our requirements
  • documentation we need
  • guidance on form completion and payment rules

Are there any changes to the process?

There are no major changes to the case submission requirements. The introduction of the checklists for CLA escape cases:

  • adds clarity to the process
  • standardises the format and approach for all controlled work escape case claims

How to use checklists

We recommend that the checklists are used as a pre-submission check. If the checklist is correctly used the required information will be submitted for assessment and the matter will not be rejected.

If the checklist is not used and your claim is rejected, you can use the checklist to help ensure that there will be no further rejects.

Further information

EC-Claim 1: escape fee case claim form – to download new civil checklist

Published 31 October 2017