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Civil news: check live case work with new status report service

Starting 6 January 2020, we will be emailing spreadsheets showing the status of live work requiring your attention in CCMS.

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Weekly reports are now being emailed to providers showing the status of live cases requiring their attention in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

This is a new service beginning on 6 January 2020. It has been introduced following feedback from providers. The aim is to keep you up to date with the status of all your live work in CCMS and any actions you need to take.

What do the reports show?

The spreadsheets outline all your active cases in CCMS and what stage they are in the system.

You will be able to see any action you need to take within CCMS.

Who will receive the reports?

The reports will be sent to your ‘primary contact liaison manager’ as specified in Contracted Work and Administration (CWA) when actions are required in CCMS.

If providers don’t have any cases with outstanding actions then they will receive a report every two months which outlines all of their active CCMS cases.

If you do not receive your report you should check that you have the correct details in CWA before contacting your contract manager.

Further information – to contact the business improvement team for questions about the content of your report

Published 6 January 2020
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  1. Clarification that live work status reports will be emailed when providers need to take action to progress their work within CCMS

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