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Civil news: CCMS upgrades for means interviews and emergency work

New text field for means interviews and document upload feature for emergency applications in CCMS.


Two new features are available which should help providers working in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

Means interviews

Providers now have a new text field to add additional information at the means interview stage in CCMS.

It is not mandatory to complete this text field. But, where there are further details or future changes that affect the application, completing this section will provide valuable information for the caseworker making the assessment.

The information provided will be automatically transferred into the assessment summary and be available for printing.

This new feature is only available for new applications.

Uploading evidence for emergency applications

It is now possible for providers to upload urgent evidence for emergency applications.

This can be uploaded alongside the application before it is submitted. This can help providers avoid being asked to upload further documents unless specifically required by the assessing caseworker.

Further information

CCMS training – CCMS website (see ‘Submitting electronic evidence’)

CCMS Service Delivery Team – email us your questions about the upgrade

CCMS training: contact us – list of contacts for feedback

Published 28 September 2016