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Civil news: CCMS update for advocates

Advocates assigned to more than 1,000 cases on the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).


We’ve invited all Tranche 1 legal aid providers – providers with an organisational name starting A to F – to use CCMS on a voluntary basis.

We’re now inviting all other providers to start using the system every week as we gradually roll out CCMS nationally.

A list of providers invited to use CCMS is published weekly on the front page of the CCMS website.

If you’re an advocate who carries out civil and/or family legal aid advocacy work, it will become increasingly likely that you will be instructed to work on a case that is being processed on CCMS.

Of the 10,000 cases on CCMS, more than 1,000 already have advocates assigned to them.

Here are some pointers on what you need to do. Quick guides are available on the CCMS website and cover these steps:

1. Are you registered to use CCMS?

If you are, you’ll have a user name and password to access your account.

If you haven’t, please email:

If you’ve forgotten your details or can’t get into your account, please email

2. Is your chambers registered to use CCMS?

If you work in chambers, clerks and fees clerks can access the accounts of all counsel using one log in.

Your chambers should have nominated a Chambers Administrator who can give access to other individuals.

3. Are you set up on CCMS?

By this we mean have you set up other users, e.g. your clerk, so that they can submit claims for you?

If you want to submit your own claims, you don’t need to set up other users.

4. Can you find your case?

Your instructing provider should assign you to the case on CCMS.

Please check as soon as you’re instructed by searching for your case – if you can’t see it, contact the instructing provider direct.

5. Can you submit a claim?

If the above has been done and the provider’s allocated you sufficient funds, you’ll be able to see your cost limit when you click on your case and you’ll be able to submit claims.

Please ensure the provider allocates you the funding required from the outset. If the funding needs to be revised during the case, again, please liaise directly with the provider.

More information

CCMS website

The CCMS website also contains key contact information and other useful documents such as a ‘frequently asked questions’ document and a ‘best practice for chambers’ document.

Work to improve navigation to this site will be completed in the week ending 5 September 2014.

Published 2 September 2014