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Civil news: CCMS – programme update

550 applications are now being received each week by the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).


We’re now receiving around 25% of all civil applications online via the CCMS with about 550 applications received each week.

Who should you contact if you need support?

If you need help, remember to check the CCMS website where you can find:

  • tip of the week

  • frequently asked questions

  • quick guides on system processes

  • information on avoiding issues

If you can’t find the information you need on the website, you can contact:

  1. Our customer services team on the new number: 0300 200 2020. This team can provide advice on your CCMS cases.

  2. Online Support on 0203 334 6664. This team can provide advice on CCMS system technical queries and issues.

  3. Your contract manager if you need general advice on introducing CCMS to your firm or organisation.

Other sources of support

Training modules

CCMS training modules are available on the LAA training website. This includes bitesize e-learning modules covering key process areas. Each module should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

The modules are divided into topic areas, to help you choose the modules most appropriate for you. We have evidence that going through the modules cuts down on CCMS user issues down the line.

Provider masterclasses

Online masterclasses are designed for those who’ve undertaken the e-learning modules, and have started to use CCMS.

Each masterclass covers a specific system area or process. You can book a place on a masterclass through EventBrite.

Further information

CCMS website

Book a provider masterclass on EventBrite

LAA training website

Published 23 October 2014