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Civil news: CCMS countdown to 1 April 2016

Nearly 9 out of 10 civil applications were being made through CCMS at the last count and everyone should now be preparing to use the system.


The countdown is on to 1 April 2016 when it becomes mandatory to use the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

Our most recent analysis showed that 89% of all civil applications were being made through CCMS. So, the majority of users are now switching on to the system. It’s important that you are among the majority as 1 April is now just weeks away.

If you are not yet using CCMS there is still time to make use of the training and support that is available – see below.

How are we doing?

We have received useful feedback from providers using CCMS and this has helped us to improve the system further.

For example, the most recent merits interview upgrade is now fully implemented and the 50% reduction in screens is proving popular with users.

Further system upgrades on the way include document upload and means interview improvements.

Training and support

We offer a wealth of training and support for new and existing users, including guidance on the CCMS website – see below.

To get on board or refresh your skills sign up to our upcoming training sessions – see below.

It’s also worth looking out for our monthly e-trainer e-mail which gives you details of training courses, hints and tips, FAQs and spotlights on key training.

Further information

CCMS website – guidance on how to start using the system

CCMS online training sessions – to book a training module

CCMS Team – email us your questions

Published 17 February 2016