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Civil news: CCMS billing enhancements

Enhancements address CCMS user feedback on evidence requests and bills.


Two billing enhancements, addressing your feedback on evidence requests and bills, have been made to the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

These precede a further billing enhancement involving the introduction of a progress bar so you can track where you are, sections indicating what you have completed and the ability to jump pages.

Information in evidence requests

There are a small number of instances where CCMS users submit more than one payment on account (POA) for the same case, on the same day and for the same value.

When the LAA has followed such POAs up with an evidence request, this has led to confusion on which POA the request relates to.

We have now changed the system. In such instances, we provide more information in our evidence request, with the following appearing clearly in the main notification section:

  • time and date of claim submission
  • submitted value of claim
  • claim type, eg disbursement POA
  • name of submitter

Improvements to the PDF bill

We received feedback on the pdf bill summary that you can print out before you submit a bill electronically. Some of you mentioned that you’d like us to change the pdf bill to make it easier to review.

As a result, the bill now has a more logical structure with items displayed in chronological order:

Fixed fee bills display:

  • fixed fee profit costs
  • advocacy and FAS
  • disbursements

Hourly rate bills display:

  • hourly rate profit costs
  • advocacy and FAS
  • disbursements

Further information

‘Billing document request’ quick guide (under the sub-title ‘closing cases and submitting bills’)

CCMS website – future enhancements

Email to provide feedback about CCMS enhancements

Published 10 August 2015