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National Strategy for Disabled People survey

Today the Disability Unit has launched a public survey to gather views and experiences for the National Strategy of Disabled People.

Two women hold the hands of a child using a wheelchair. Everyone is laughing and smiling.

The Disability Unit in the Cabinet Office is working with government colleagues, disabled people, disabled people’s organisations, charities and businesses to develop and deliver a National Strategy for Disabled People. We intend to publish the Strategy in Spring 2021.

Despite the unprecedented challenge we face as a nation, this Government is committed to delivering an ambitious National Strategy for Disabled People with expert advice and the lived experience of disabled people at its heart.

The Strategy will make practical changes to policies which strengthen disabled people’s ability to participate fully in society and will place fairness at the heart of government work on disability, to level up opportunity so everyone can reach their potential and participate in life in this country.

We want to place the lived experiences of disabled people at the centre of our approach, as well as views from people across the country including those caring for and related to disabled people, as well as the general public.

Today, we are launching a public survey to gather views. This Survey continues the engagement that was carried out across government throughout 2020, and continues to be this year. It includes engagement nationally and across the regions with a diverse network of stakeholders, including leading charities, disabled people’s organisations and individuals from all parts of society that are affected by disability.

The survey is hosted on Citizen Space. If you share your views by 28 February, your views will inform the development of the National Strategy for Disabled People, but thereafter we will continue to listen. The Survey will remain open until 23 April, and your views will be used to inform the delivery of the plans we set out.

The Survey is fully accessible to ensure as many people as possible have their voices heard. It is available in Easy Read, BSL and written responses can be sent to:

Read our privacy notice.

If you would like to know more about the National Strategy for Disabled People, follow the Disability Unit on Twitter and sign up to the mailing list.

Published 15 January 2021