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CCMS countdown to 1 February for Specialist Children Act cases

Transitional arrangements announced for SCA cases.


All providers making applications for work under the Special Children Act (SCA) must use the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) from 1 February 2016.

SCA - As defined at paragraph 1.5 of the 2013 Standard Civil Contract Specification General Rules.

Transitional arrangements

Any new Licensed Work paper applications signed or delegated by the provider prior to February 1 2016 and received by the Legal Aid Agency within five working days, on or before Friday 5 February will be processed.

Applications accepted on paper but subsequently refused by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA); any related appeal or submission will continue on paper.

Applications accepted on paper but subsequently rejected or returned for further information must be resubmitted to LAA on CCMS.

All SCA applications signed or delegated on or after 1 February must be submitted electronically using CCMS.

Failure to submit your application using CCMS will result in the application being returned.

Further information

Please either speak to your contract manager or e-mail

Published 22 January 2016