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Call for proposals for a “Women in Finance” Charter in Brazil

Prosperity Fund Brazil seeks a supplier for the design and the launch of a “Women in Finance” Charter in Brazil.



As part of UK Government’s Prosperity Fund Green Finance Programme, the British Embassy in Brazil is commissioning a study with the following objectives:

1 - Strategic support for the design of a ‘Women in Finance Charter in Brazil’. The Charter will support gender balance across all seniority levels in financial services firms in particular.

  • the contracted partner will present an assessment of current gender inclusivity within financial services bodies in Brazil and provide recommendations on whether the charter would help achieve gender parity within the sector

  • the contracted partner will develop a charter, which resembles the Women in Finance Charter produced by HM Treasury in the UK. The partner will use this as a basis, but will adapt and produce a similar charter, which would be taken up by Brazilian firms/bodies

2 - Strategic support for the launch of the ‘Women in Finance Charter in Brazil’ in 2019.

  • the selected partner would be expected to engage with media and press outlets in preparation for the launch

  • the selected partner would present recommendations on how firms could implement policy/structural changes to comply with the charter

Sending the proposals

The proposals must include:

  • all elements which will be considered for tender evaluation (more information on the document attached), such as names and curriculum of the technical team of consultant(s) who will undertake the study and suggested methodology and sources to be applied in the research
  • financial proposal of the study considering all charges and fees, in the range presented in item 5 (more information on the document attached).

The parties interested to apply for this work should submit their proposals to by 12:00pm 26 October. For any queries during the application time, please forward an email to

Term of Reference

For more information please see document attached.

Terms of Reference: Women in Finance

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Published 4 October 2018