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Business customers to receive application results online from July

This summer, business customers will receive their application results electronically, even when they send us applications through the post.


From this summer, most of our business customers will receive their completed land registration application results for nearly all types of application electronically. First registration results will continue to be returned through the post.

We will do this by introducing a new ‘eDespatch’ service to the portal, our electronic transactional channel. Planned to arrive in mid-July, the service will enable customers to receive their application results through their portal account even if they sent the application to us on paper through the post. Customers who do not have a portal account will continue to receive completed applications through the post.

We receive most land registration applications online through the portal and nearly all of the applications we receive through the post are scanned upon receipt. We now route and process most of our work digitally and despatching the results electronically is the next step. Customers with portal accounts will receive application results instantly, securely and will have an electronic audit trail. This will also help us be more efficient and help us prepare to becoming a more digital organisation and introduce the new digital services we are developing from the ground up.

We have involved customers with the development of eDespatch for nearly a year and have made numerous improvements based on user feedback. Follow our blog for the latest updates on development and deployment.

Customers will be able to view a short demonstration video showing images of the new screens in use, details of the changes and how customers can get the most from them.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or leave comments on the blog post.

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Published 21 May 2015