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Burnley rapist sentenced to two and half more years in jail

A Burnley man who raped a woman during a night out had his 3 year prison sentence increased to 5 and a half years by the Court of Appeal.

20 Victoria Street

James Patton was convicted at Burnley Crown Court in November last year on a single count of rape after being caught taking advantage of a woman during a drunken night out. He was originally sentenced to 3 years in jail.

However, after a referral by the Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP, the Court of Appeal today quashed the original sentence and raised Patton’s jail term to 5 and a half years’ imprisonment.

Speaking after the hearing, Solicitor General Robert Buckland said: “Given the circumstances of this case, I felt that the original sentence passed was unduly lenient and that a longer sentence should have been imposed.”

“This case has had a terrible impact on the victim and I hope this increased sentence gives them some additional comfort.”

Published 4 February 2016