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Brits honoured for excellent work for UK abroad

Diplomatic Service & Overseas Birthday Honours List celebrates achievements of 99 Britons in business, human rights, education & sport.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


The Diplomatic Service and Overseas Birthday 2013 Honours List awards 99 people in a range of fields such as peace and security, British business, human rights, police development, education, conservation, youth development, sport as well as community and charity work. Examples of recipients from this list include:


Chief Executive, Copyright Licensing Agency and Chairman, Prisoners Abroad. Awarded a CMG for services to British economic interests, particularly the promotion of intellectual property internationally and the welfare of British nationals in prison abroad.

Kevin Fitzgerald CMG

Kevin Fitzgerald is a national and world authority on the copyright aspects of intellectual property and publishing, he has made a major contribution to UK economic interests in resolving copyright issues and securing agreements internationally. Since joining the Copyright Licensing Agency in 2007 he has achieved a consensus on the importance of new economic models for cross-border licensing in the EU, concluded an agreement with Indian counterparts and is also working to launch an effective collecting society in China. Combined with his work to bring Russia and Turkey into the international copyright community he is making a major contribution to removing market barriers in important emerging markets.

As Chairman of Prisoners Abroad since 2009, Kevin has helped to extend its reach and impact. He has improved the governance and financial stability of Prisoners Abroad, has given practical support to prisoners overseas delivering vital support as a key partner of the FCO. He was also an active member of the FCO Consular Strategy Board.

Kevin Fitzgerald performs excellent community work as a philanthropist in India including leading work on a new primary school there.

Kevin Fitzgerald said: “I am pleased that this award recognises the importance of creators and publishers to the growth of the British economy and the role of charity workers in improving the lives of the disadvantaged. I have had the privilege of working with some dedicated colleagues in delivering my achievements which are very much a shared success”.


Founder and Chairperson, FARA Foundation, UK and Romania. Awarded an MBE for services to charitable work, particularly to disadvantaged children in Romania

Jane Nicholson MBE

For over 20 years Jane has excelled working voluntarily and tirelessly to make a meaningful difference to alleviate the suffering and to help with the care and rehabilitation of abandoned and disadvantaged children and young people in Romania.

Jane is a founder of FARA, a UK/Romania charity founded in 1991 to support and develop the care work in Romania. This has included setting up children’s homes, childcare services including foster care, special needs education and therapy centres and prevention of school abandonment for families living in poverty. Recovery and rehabilitation centres providing vocational training for young people, some with learning difficulties, have also been established including an organic farm which has provided training and employment for 100 disadvantaged young people. In 1992 Jane initiated the establishment of a chain of charity shops in the UK to fund FARA’s work – these number over 50 today. Some £8m has been sent to Romania.

The programmes have provided models of care and aim to rebuild families and communities. Jane has worked with the Romanian government to bring justice for the rights of children. She takes a personal interest in every child and encourages the Romanian staff to develop new ways of healing emotionally abused children. Jane’s constant determination and dedication has improved the quality of life for thousands of Romanian children.

On receiving news of her award Jane Nicholson said: “I had the desire to spread the unconditional love of God to Romania’s institutionalised children, unloved and neglected. FARA is a work of love and love endures. I feel privileged to play a small part in inspiring others to heal the broken lives of so many children. My heartfelt thanks goes out to all in FARA; this award is in recognition of their kindness and dedication”.

John William Matthew BAUGH

HM Ambassador, Somalia. Receives an OBE for services to promoting peace and security in Somalia.

John William Matthew Baugh OBE

Matt Baugh is the first British Ambassador to Somalia since the collapse of the country into civil war, he has made an outstanding contribution to promoting peace and security in Somalia.

He played a leading role in the success of the London Conferences on Somalia and his skill and dedication helped ensure the peaceful transfer to a more fully representative government in Mogadishu. In the period leading up to the end of the political transition, Matt worked tirelessly making frequent and high risk visits to Mogadishu. He has built the British Office for Somalia (based in Nairobi) into a fine example of DFID, MOD and FCO cross-government working. Few would have predicted the progress that Somalia has made over the last few years. The UK has been a key, if not the leading contributor and Matt has been integral to that. Prior to his current role, Matt has worked extensively in conflict-affected countries, including Afghanistan.

Matt Baugh said: “I am deeply honoured to receive this award. To be the first British Ambassador to Somalia in twenty years has been an enormous privilege, as has been the opportunity to work with an outstanding team and to help Somalia take the first steps on the road to a brighter future”.

Martyn ROPER

HM Ambassador, Algeria. Receives an OBE for services to UK interests in Algeria particularly the UK response to the In Amenas hostage crisis

Martyn Roper was British Ambassador to Algeria at the time of the In Amenas terrorist attack, Martyn played an exceptional role in directing the UK response on the ground to one of the worst terrorist attacks involving British citizens and interests in recent years. Martyn was the only foreign Ambassador to visit In Amenas and with a UK Consular team personally supervised the evacuation and repatriation of some of the British nationals involved.

The effectiveness and professionalism of HM Governments response to the crisis and its consequences led by Martyn and his team has been widely recognised. Martyn also organised the highly successful visit by the Prime Minister in the aftermath of the crisis. In all this, his commitment, skill and professionalism have been exemplary. Martyn has also been commended for his achievements and impact in Algeria particularly promoting British business interests described by a major British company as outstanding.

Martyn Roper said: “I am honoured to receive an OBE for promoting British interests in Algeria. I would like to thank the whole Embassy team for helping with the response to the terrible In Amenas terrorist incident and my thoughts are very much with the families of all those who lost loved ones”.

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Published 14 June 2013