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Brexit Minister concludes two day tour of Scotland

The visit comes as the UK Government has stepped up its engagement with businesses from all parts of the UK

Robin Walker

Reaffirming the Government’s commitment to work with all parts of the UK as we leave the EU, Minister for Exiting the EU Robin Walker embarked on a two day tour across Scotland this week.

With negotiations firmly underway, the visit comes as the UK Government has stepped up its engagement with businesses from all parts of the United Kingdom. During the trip, the Minister travelled across the country, hearing from a wide range of Scottish industries, from farming and fishing to life sciences and energy.

He attended roundtables on financial services and oil and gas, and met with representatives from the Scottish Whisky Association and the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation. He also paid visits to the Easter Grangemuir Farm in Fife and ROVOP in Aberdeen.

UK Government Minister for Exiting the EU, Robin Walker, said:

Over the past two days, I’ve met with many of Scotland’s most important sectors about their priorities as we leave the European Union.

We’ve been crystal clear that we want businesses to work as freely as they do now, which is why we’re determined to work with businesses from all parts of the UK to protect our internal market and get a deal that works in the interest of the whole of the United Kingdom.”

Earlier this month, the UK Government introduced the Repeal Bill which will transfer all EU law into UK law on exit day. As part of the process, it is expected that there will be a significant increase in the decision making power of each devolved administration.

As powers are repatriated from the EU, the Government will ensure they are exercised within the UK in a way that ensures no new barriers to living and doing business within the UK are created.

This will protect the UK internal market, ensuring we have the ability to strike the best trade deals around the world, protect our common resources, and fulfil our international obligations.

The UK Government is continuing to have intensive discussions with the devolved administrations, which will identify where we need to retain common frameworks and what these should be.

Published 28 July 2017