News story

Being transparent about how we process our customers’ information

We have amended our personal information charter and forms to explain how we use and protect personal information.


Part of our ambition at HM Land Registry is to become the world’s leading land registry for an open approach to data. Being transparent about how we use, collect and protect personal information is critical to this ambition.

The Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation has come into effect, so we have:

  • amended our Personal information charter which covers the personal information we collect, how we are going to use it and how we protect it
  • updated all our forms, making it easier for customers to find information about how we collect, use and protect personal information at the point they may wish to see it

Our form updates include:

  • the addition of references to our Personal information charter on all land registration, land charges and agricultural credits forms
  • greater clarity on our 2 proof of identity forms (forms ID1 and ID2) about how we might share personal information provided in these forms with other bodies for preventing fraud

Use the new versions of our forms when you prepare an HM Land Registry application.

Published 29 May 2018