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Arco Avon report published

Engine room fire on the suction dredger Arco Avon, 12 miles off the coast of Great Yarmouth with loss of 1 life.

Dredger Arco Avon

The report into MAIB’s investigation report of the fatal fire in the engine room on the suction dredger Arco Avon on 18 August 2015 is now published.

The report contains details of what happened and the subsequent actions taken, read more.

Statement from the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents

The sad death of an experienced officer serving on a UK registered ship serves as a salient reminder of the risks that crews can be exposed to when policies and procedures designed to mitigate such risks are not followed, and recognised safe systems of work are allowed to lapse. Robust risk assessments and safe systems of work are important barriers that prevent marine accidents. Everyone, from the individual seafarer to the senior company executive ashore, needs to develop shared company safety cultures that make the use of risk assessments and safe systems of work an unquestioned part of life when working on board UK registered vessels.

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Published 1 September 2016