Press release

Applications to re-permit Brockham oilfield

The Environment Agency has received 2 applications for environmental permits at the Brockham oil and gas site in Surrey.


These applications have been submitted by the site operator to bring the site into line with the current regulations for conventional oil and gas sites. This is part of the Environment Agency’s review of all oil and gas permits granted prior to October 2013.

In deciding whether or not to issue the permits, the Environment Agency will take into account all relevant considerations and legal requirements.

You can view and comment on the applications.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said:

An environmental permit sets out stringent conditions that a site must adhere to. We will not issue or vary an environmental permit for a site if we consider that activities taking place will cause significant pollution to the environment or harm to human health.

We are in the process of determining the applications to re-permit this site and we want to hear from the public and understand peoples’ views. Everybody has the chance to see what the permit may look like and to raise any additional concerns before we make any final decision.

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Published 27 July 2017