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Airports Commission unveils new expert panel

Expert panel created to ensure Airport Commission has access to the very best scientific and technical expertise.


The Airports Commission set up by the government to assess the UK’s long-term aviation capacity needs has unveiled a panel of leading environmental, engineering and transport experts to assist in its deliberations. The panel will ensure the Commission has access to the very best scientific and technical expertise, providing an extra level of challenge and quality assurance.

The Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, has also published the criteria it will use when sifting any proposals for additional long term airport capacity.

Howard Davies said:

The experts we have appointed bring a wide range of skills and experience, and will ensure the Commission has access to a broad spectrum of quality scientific and technical expertise as we progress our work.

In addition, our sift criteria underline the Commission’s intention to conduct a process which takes into account the full range of relevant issues, including economic, social, environmental and operational factors.

The sift criteria announced today (3 may 2013) outlines the information required by the Commission in determining which options for additional long term airport capacity should be taken forward for more detailed development, should a need for more capacity be identified.

Notes to editors

The Airports Commission was launched on 2 November 2012. Its terms of reference require that it should report no later than the end of 2013 on:

  • its assessment of the evidence on the nature, scale and timing of the steps needed to maintain the UK’s global hub status
  • its recommendation(s) for immediate actions to improve the use of existing runway capacity in the next 5 years – consistent with credible long term options

Its terms of reference also require that it should report no later than summer 2015 on:

  • its assessment of the options for meeting the UK’s international connectivity needs, including their economic, social and environmental impact
  • its recommendation(s) for the optimum approach to meeting any needs
  • its recommendation(s) for ensuring that the need is met as expeditiously as practicable within the required timescale

Long term capacity options - sift criteria

In February, the Commission invited parties to submit options for meeting any long term UK airport capacity need that might emerge from their work. The sift criteria set out more information about how the Commission will determine which of these options should go forward for more detailed development, should a need for more capacity be identified. Scheme promoters have until July 19 2013 to submit their proposals to the Commission.

Expert Advisory Panel

The members of the expert panel appointed today (3 May 2013) are:

  • Professor Helen Apsimon; Professor of Air Pollution Studies, Imperial College London
  • Dr Charlotte Clark; Senior lecturer in Environmental and Mental Health Epidemidogy, Barts and the London School of Medicine
  • Professor Piers Forster; Professor of Physical Climate Change, University of Leeds
  • Dr Andrew Kempton; Chief Noise Specialist, Rolls-Royce
  • Professor Peter Mackie; Research Professor of Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • Professor Andrew McNaughton; Technical Director, High Speed Two Ltd and previously Chief Engineer, Network Rail
  • Professor Henry Overman; Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics
  • Mr George Paulson; Independent consultant; former Director of Safety and Airspace, Eurocontrol
  • Dr David Quarmby; Chairman, RAC Foundation and previously Chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority and British Tourism Authority
  • Professor Andreas Schäfer; Professor in Energy and Transport, University College London
  • Professor Keith Shine; Professor of Physical Meteorology, University of Reading
  • Mr David Starkie; Senior Associate, Case Associates
  • Professor Callum Thomas; Professor of Sustainable Aviation, Manchester Metropolitan

All appointments to the Expert Advisory Panel are made in a personal capacity.

For interview requests or other media enquiries relating to the work of the Airports Commission please call 0207 944 3118.

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Published 3 May 2013