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Travel advice for moving around France

Translation of the French government's advice on the restrictive measures due to coronavirus (COVID-19).


Please note that this is not an official translation.

The original Q&A can be found here (in French)

Can I move around in France?

From 12pm on 17 March, and for a minimum of 15 days, even if you have no symptoms, you cannot go out without a valid reason, which may be checked by the police. If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or a temperature above 37.5 degrees, stay at home, contact your doctor and limit contact with other people as much as possible. Don’t call 15 unless you have a very high temperature or difficulty breathing.

What are the valid reasons for leaving your home?

You can leave your house:

  • to go to work and come back, and for unavoidable professional trips
  • for health reasons
  • to do essential shopping
  • for urgent family reasons, to support vulnerable people
  • for short trips, close to your home, linked to individual physical activity (not including any collective sports), and for the needs of domestic animals

You must fill out an individual declaration for each trip.

If you are away from your home or residence, can you return?


If I live in one area and work in another, can I go to and from work?

Yes, if you cannot work remotely, this is a trip justified by a professional need.

Can I use public transport?

Yes. All private and public transport are functioning regularly.

Can I leave to buy food items?

Yes. There is no need and there is no reason to stock up because shops will remain regularly supplied. There are no restrictions on the movement of goods, whether these goods cover basic needs or not.

Can I leave to buy items other than food?

Yes, but only if necessary. So you can only go to authorised shops to buy basic necessities.

Can I go to my parents’ or friends’ house for a meal?

No, because this is not an unavoidable trip and so is not included in the exemptions.

Can I visit dependant parents or loved ones?

Only to support vulnerable people. You are reminded that older people are the most vulnerable and we must protect them as much as possible from all contact.

Are physical activity outside allowed?

Unavoidable outings in open spaces to the well-being of children and individual sport and physical activity are permitted close to home. You should respect distance and avoid all gatherings.

Can I leave with my dog?

Yes, so he can satisfy his needs or for a vet appointment.

What will happen if these restrictions are not respected?

These restrictions will be controlled by the police and you will receive a fine of 135 euros.

Published 17 March 2020