Press release

A new politics: cutting Ministerial pay

Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have made a clear commitment to cutting the cost of government, including urgent action to begin reducing the deficit this year.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

As part of this process of cutting costs, the Prime Minister is today announcing that new Ministers will be paid five per cent less than Ministers received in the previous administration.

In addition, the Government will impose a subsequent Ministerial pay freeze for the lifetime of the Parliament - effectively a further pay cut when inflation is taken into account.

The five per cent reduction in Cabinet Minister salaries alone will save taxpayers approximately £50,000 this year - and approximately £300,000 will be saved this year when all government ministerial positions are taken into account.

Over the lifetime of the Parliament, the Ministerial salary cut and subsequent pay freeze will save approximately £3 million.

Salary changes

Office Combined Ministerial and Parliamentary salaries under previous administration Combined Ministerial and Parliamentary salaries under current Government Annual pay cut
Ministers in the House of Commons      
Prime Minister £150,000 £142,500 £7,500
Cabinet Minister £141,647 £134,565 £7,082
Minister of State £103,937 £98,740 £5,197
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State £94,142 £89,435 £4,707
Ministers in the House of Lords      
Cabinet Minister £106,356 £101,038 £5,318
Minister of State £83,043 £78,891 £4,152
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State £72,326 £68,710 £3,616

Notes to Editors

  1. Ministers sitting in the Commons receive both a Parliamentary salary and a Ministerial salary; Lords Ministers receive only a Ministerial salary.
  2. We are cutting the total remuneration - the Parliamentary and Ministerial salaries combined - of all Ministers by five per cent relative to that received previous administration.  This will be achieved by maintaining Parliamentary salaries to the entitlement for 2010-11 (£65,737), with the salary reduction taken in full from the ministerial element of the combined total. This means that all MPs will be paid the same - with the pay cut being implemented through the ministerial salary entitlement.
Published 13 May 2010