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7 things your company can do on a snow day

If you're snowed-in, here are 7 simple steps to keep up to date with Companies House.

Image of boots in the snow.

When it comes to snow, companies often face difficult decisions. Should you stay open and hope your customers are braving the cold weather? Or just shut up shop, send everyone home and accept that the next few days will be a write-off?

If ‘snowmaggedon’ has well and truly set in, or is due your way soon, here are 7 things your company can do to make the most of a snow day.

Register for online filing

If you haven’t already, register for online filing and save your company time and money. Over 80% of companies already file online and amongst other things, benefit from built-in checks that help you to avoid errors, and the possibility of rejection.

Sign-up for email reminders

As an online filer, you can then sign-up to our email reminder service. When your company’s due to file its accounts or confirmation statement, we’ll send you a reminder by email, giving you plenty of time to meet the filing deadline.

 Check company information for free

Check if your company records are up to date using Companies House Service. You can view your filing history, check when your next set of accounts or confirmation statement is due and make sure your People with Significant Control (PSC) information is correct.

 Use our Follow service

Start using our Follow service to keep tabs on your own company’s filings or follow your business competitors and receive instant email alerts when they file anything with us.

 Sign-up for email news alerts

Sign-up to our email alerts and never miss out on the latest news and information from Companies House. You can pick and choose the topics that interest you, or subscribe to them all in one simple click.

Register for our webinars

Register for our next joint webinar with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). It covers the registration process, directors’ responsibilities to us and HMRC and where to go for more help and guidance.

 Read our blogs

Catch up with our latest blogs. From the history of the iconic rugby ball, to the story of a pioneering female industrialist, there’s plenty to grab your interest. Plus, you can sign-up for email updates to get the latest blog straight into your inbox.

Once you’ve completed these 7 simple steps, why not get out and enjoy the weather by challenging your team to a snowball fight? Or if you want to keep warm, maybe just whip up a batch of hot chocolate for everyone? Can you smell carrots?

Published 28 February 2018