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300 tonnes of herring for English inshore fishermen

The MMO has secured an extra 300 tonnes of herring allocation in the Eastern English Channel and Southern North Sea for the inshore fleet.


Following the EU December Council the MMO has gained additional quota for fishermen to utilise this year. MMO meet with fishermen around the country to understand which additional quotas need to be sourced to best support the inshore sector.

The MMO has been negotiating with the wider fishing industry and as a result the North Atlantic Fish Producers Organisation has provided 300 tonnes of herring to bolster stocks.

This additional quota means that the MMO can increase catch limits for the under 10 metre vessels to 10 tonnes per vessel from March (an increase of 6.5 tonnes).

The MMO invite the fishing industry to continue to help it understand the stocks the MMO should prioritise on securing.

Published 20 March 2015