Security Innovation and Demonstration Centre [closed May 2017]

We help make the UK a global leader in security and resilience technology by making it easier for partnerships between industry, academia and users to quickly develop and demonstrate innovative solutions.

What we do

We facilitate the development of innovative solutions to UK security challenges and demonstrate them to buyers and investors from the UK and overseas.

We provide a forum:

  • for government to articulate its security requirements to industry and academia to enable exportable solutions to be developed quickly and efficiently
  • to build partnerships between end-users, government, industry and academia in order to test and deliver solutions
  • to facilitate commercialisation of products through demonstrating capability, efficiencies and the potential market to buyers and investors

We also provides overseas governments with access to UK expertise, innovative technologies and novel ways of working.



Request for proposals ‘An immersive demonstrator for the protection of crowded places at UK Security Expo’ 30 Nov to 1 Dec 2016 (PDF, 806KB, 7 pages) (21 June 2016)
Security and Policing 2016: Call for interest, mobile investigation capability (PDF, 628KB, 6 pages) (31 December 2015)
Security and Policing 2016 demonstration integrator proposal: Frontline Online Everywhere (PDF, 195KB, 5 pages) (23 October 2015)
Mitigating the threat of hostile drones (PDF, 148KB, 1 page) (16 October 2015)
Identifying and mitigating unwanted hostile drone activity (PDF, 102KB, 1 page) (16 October 2015)
‘Future Borders’ as part of the Transport Security Expo: request for proposals (PDF, 585KB, 4 pages) (2 to 3 December 2015)
Home Office launches Security Innovation & Demonstration Centre (11 December 2014)



Telephone: +44 (0)1727 816400 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)

Security Innovation and Demonstration Centre
Langhurst House
Langhurstwood Road
West Sussex
RH12 4WX

Who we are

Security Innovation and Demonstration Centre (SIDC) is a partnership between the Home Office and the Security & Resilience Industry Suppliers Council. SIDC is based in the Centre for Applied Science and Technology which is part of the Home Office.

Security Innovation and Demonstration Centre: further information (PDF, 246KB, 2 pages)

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for:

  • outlining grand challenges that convey a future vision for an operational environment, without prejudging solutions, to stimulate and identify innovation
  • running projects in support of existing and newly emerging large-scale government programmes that require greater agility, engagement with a wider range of suppliers, better understanding of commercial technology evolution, and the use of open test beds before bringing solutions into secure environments
  • supporting projects funded under other mechanisms such as the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) by providing successful bidders with access to end-users, facilities and data sets to allow the successful development, experimentation and exploitation of capabilities.
  • supporting government to government agreements

Our priorities

We help the Home Office achieve its strategic priorities, specifically:

  • promote growth by keeping the UK safe
  • cut crime
  • reduce immigration
  • prevent terrorism

Monthly updates

November 2015 (PDF, 235KB, 3 pages)
October 2015 (PDF, 179KB, 2 pages)
September 2015 (PDF, 126KB, 2 pages)
July 2015 (PDF, 235KB, 2 pages)