Independent Advisory Panel on Non-Compliance Management

The Independent Advisory Panel on Non-Compliance Management (IAPNCM) works with the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) to produce a specialist training package for detainee custody officers who escort adults being removed from the UK.


IAPNCM’s advice will help to make sure that:

  • the UK uses safe and appropriate methods to return individuals to their country of origin
  • the needs of people being removed are acknowledged and met
  • officers use minimal force when necessary and proportionate to the situation

The panel provides:

  • support to NOMS in designing the new training package
  • independent advice to UK Visas and Immigration (UKV&I) on the quality and safety of the new training package, and in particular on the proposed physical intervention techniques

The training must cover suitable techniques for use on escort vehicles, at airports, and at all stages of a flight. The training will focus equally on:

  • reducing anxiety
  • defusing tension
  • using minimal restraint

The advisory panel has no statutory role or delegated powers. Its function is to provide independent, dispassionate and expert advice to UKV&I’s returns directorate.


IAPNCM has published its report to the Home Office on safe techniques and training for detainee custody officers when using force for removing people from the UK. It includes a training package for detainee custody officers who escort those being removed from the UK.


Read the IAPNCM’s Statement of principles (PDF, 26KB, 4 pages)

Summary of evidence received

Read the IAPNCM’s Summary of evidence received (PDF, 33.6KB, 6 pages)



Mr Stephen Shaw previously served as the chief executive of the Office of the Health Professions Adjudicator and is a former Prisons and Probation Ombudsman for England and Wales.


  • Dr Daniel Albert is currently the clinical lead GP for homeless people and asylum seekers for Leeds Community Healthcare, a practising rural hospital medical practitioner for Dumfries and Galloway Health Board and a non-executive director for Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • Dr David Chinn is a practising medical practitioner for HMP Peterborough and honorary board director for the charity Drinksense with long previous experience in Primary Care and substance misuse services.
  • Mr Kevin Lockyer is currently an independent management consultant providing advice to organisations in the criminal justice and offender management sectors. Kevin is also a former prison governor.
  • Dr June-Alison Sealy is a magistrate, chairs the adult court and is a member of the family panel for inner London. She has held a number of senior level roles at the CBI prior to retiring in July 2012, and has a successful track record of working in the private and voluntary sectors.
  • Dr Richard Shepherd is currently a member of the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody, a visiting professor at City University and an honorary consultant in forensic pathology for the Royal Liverpool Hospital.


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