Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation

AGNIR reviews work on the biological effects of non-ionising radiation relevant to human health and advises on research priorities.

Role of the group

AGNIR is an independent advisory group reporting to Public Health England (PHE). The group’s reports are referred to by the UK government and the devolved administrations, and have been used in developing exposure guidelines.

AGNIR has a programme of work that encompasses exposure to:

  • electromagnetic fields
  • ultraviolet radiation
  • ultrasound and infrasound

AGNIR work programme 2014 (PDF, 79.7KB, 3 pages)


Past documents, including statements and history of the group, are held on the National Archives website


Current members are:

  • Professor Anthony Swerdlow, Chair (Institute of Cancer Research)
  • Dr Leslie Coulton (University of Sheffield)
  • Professor Francis Duck (University of Bath)
  • Professor M Feychting (Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institutet)
  • Professor Patrick Haggard (University College, London)
  • Professor David Lomas (Addenbrooke’s Hospital and University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Hilary Powers (University of Sheffield)
  • Professor Lesley Rhodes (University of Manchester and Salford Royal Hospital)
  • Dr James Rubin (King’s College London)
  • Professor Antony Young (King’s College London)
  • Dr S M Mann, Secretariat (PHE)
  • Mr S Conney, Observer (Department of Health)
  • Dr J O’Hagan, PHE representative
  • Dr M P Maslanyj, PHE representative
  • Dr J R Meara, PHE representative
  • Dr Z J Sienkiewicz, PHE representative
  • Dr A Tedstone, PHE representative
  • Dr A Peyman, Consultant



AGNIR Secretariat
c/o Public Health England
Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards
Oxon, OX11 0RQ