Take part

Invest in local enterprises

Use 'community shares' to support and invest in local businesses.

What is it?

Community shares are a way for community groups to raise money. By buying shares and becoming part-owners of a business, local people can become supporters, volunteers and advocates for the business.

Community shares can be used to support many different types of business, like saving a local pub or setting up a renewable energy project. If an enterprise is working for the good of your local area, investment from local people can be invaluable.

How can I get involved?

Visit Microgenius to buy and sell community shares.

You could get involved as:

  • an enterprise - by offering community shares
  • a supporter - by buying community shares
  • an adviser - by providing advice and support to community enterprises

The Community Shares Unit is a dedicated support service to promote community shares. It provides resources including ‘The Practitioners’ Guide to Community Shares’ to help anyone wanting to offer community shares.