Consultation outcome

The Social Fund: a new approach

This consultation was published under the 2005 to 2010 Labour government

This consultation has concluded

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Original consultation

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This consultation sought views on proposals to improve the Social Fund, exploring ways it could be more effective at helping people to overcome financial exclusion.


Consultation description

‘No one written off: reforming welfare to reward responsibility’ signalled the government’s intention to explore the scope for the Social Fund to provide more effective help to allow more people to overcome financial exclusion. The Social Fund currently signposts people to sources of free debt advice but does not itself provide advice or make a direct link to other financial services.

‘The Social Fund: A new approach’ has been launched inviting views on a range of proposals to improve the help given give to people at a time when many families are struggling. The focus of debate is on partnership with third sector organisations such as Credit Unions to deliver the loans to Social Fund customers as well as financial advice and other financial services .

Improving access to advice for Social Fund customers will be an important part of the government’s broader programmes to support financial capability. The Money Guidance pilot to be launched by the government and Financial Services Authority in the North West and North East of England in spring 2009 will be one such vital source of advice for Social Fund customers and will help support money management skills and sound financial decision making.

The consultation closed on 23 December 2008. We received nearly 90 responses in total.