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This compliance and review methodology (the methodology) has been subject to public consultation and we would like to thank respondents for sharing their views. All feedback received has been carefully considered. The consultation response document summarises the key issues raised and provides the SSRO’s response to them. We have published the individual feedback forms from stakeholders, in cases where we have been permitted to do so.

The methodology is being introduced to stakeholders in January 2020 and will apply from the start of the 2020/21 financial year. This is intended to allow stakeholders to become familiar with the changes before they come into effect and to avoid different versions of the methodology applying in a single year.

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Seeks views on proposed updates to our compliance and review methodology.

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The SSRO has been operating its current compliance and review methodology since January 2017. In that time, it has gained a greater understanding of how the regulatory framework is being applied and has continued to develop its approach to implementing the methodology.

The SSRO is publishing a consultation paper covering the planned update to its compliance and review methodology. The methodology has been updated to acknowledge that compliance monitoring may inform the SSRO’s understanding of how the regulatory framework is being applied, as well as setting out the potential for compliance monitoring to impact more widely on the operation of the regime, specifically by:

  • aiming to contribute to achieving good quality data from contractors;
  • working to develop a shared understanding with stakeholders about identified issues and what appropriate action could be taken to address these issues; and
  • informing changes to guidance issued by the SSRO, changes to the Defence Contracts Analysis and Reporting System or recommendations for legislative change.

We believe our proposed new compliance methodology makes best use of current resources and ensures there is no duplication with the work of the MOD or unnecessary burden on industry.

This is a public consultation, which is open to anyone with an interest in the SSRO’s two statutory aims of obtaining good value for taxpayers’ money and a fair and reasonable return for industry. We also welcome comments from people or organisations with a particular interest in defence (non-competitive) procurement.

Completed response forms should be sent:

  • Via email to (preferred); or
  • by post to SSRO, Finlaison House, 15-17 Furnival Street, London, EC4A 1AB.

Responses to the consultation should be received by 6 December 2019. Responses received after this date will not be taken into account in finalising the methodology but may inform subsequent consideration of any future methodology updates.

The SSRO also welcomes the opportunity to meet with stakeholders to discuss the proposals during the consultation period. If you wish to arrange such a meeting, please contact us at the earliest opportunity via


Published 14 October 2019
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