DefCARS and associated guidance

The Defence Contract Analysis and Reporting System (DefCARS) allows contractors to meet the reporting requirements for contract and supplier reports.

Current system status: Live

The statutory requirement for contract and supplier reporting is outlined in the Defence Reform Act 2014 (the ‘Act’) and defined in the Single Source Contract Regulations 2014 (the ‘Regulations’).

The Defence Contract Analysis and Reporting System is an on-line web enabled system which facilitates submission of statutory reports. DefCARS includes validation checks to help contractors comply with the reporting requirements and reduces the amount of data entry required by eliminating duplication. Copy and paste functionality is currently available in many parts of the system and an Excel template is provided on this page to allow contractors to use the copy and paste functionality in the Qualifying Business Unit Cost Analysis Reports (QBUCARs).

The changes made in Version 5 of the reporting and DefCARS user guidance published on 12 December 2018 are largely to provide new guidance on the date a contract is entered into which will enable contractors to accurately identify the due dates for their reports. The SSRO expects to make the next update to its reporting and DefCARS user guidance in spring 2019.

Reporting guidance for all contract and supplier reports is included in a single document which also includes guidance on how to use DefCARS. This reporting and DefCARS user guidance is also integrated within the system so that users can easily access the relevant information they need. The SSRO reviews its reporting and DefCARS guidance on a regular basis and discusses with stakeholders the priorities for improvement.

If you do not currently have access to DefCARS but wish to understand the Defined Pricing Structures you may see the DPS templates that preceded DefCARS. These previous templates are substantially the same as the current versions within DefCARS. You should be aware that further changes may be made in DefCARS that are not reflected in the templates.

If you have any questions about how to access DefCARS or the associated guidance please contact the SSRO at

Please click the appropriate link below for the latest reporting and DefCARS user guidance and QBUCAR template referred to above.

DefCARS - reporting guidance and system user guide for defence contractors - Version 5 published on 12 December 2018 (PDF, 737KB, 116 pages)

QBUCAR template (XLSM, 76.5KB)

Previous reporting templates and user guides

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