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Sentencing youths: overarching principles and offence specific guidelines on sexual offences and robbery

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Consultation on the draft guideline ‘Sentencing youths: overarching principle and offence-specific guidelines for sexual offences and robbery.

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The predecessor body to the Sentencing Council, the Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) published a definitive guideline Overarching Principles - Sentencing Youths, in November 2009. It also published offence-specific guidelines for youths within its definitive robbery guideline, published in July 2006, and within part 7 of its definitive guideline on the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which was published in April 2007,

The Council recognised that youth sentencing guidelines have become piecemeal and dated and so committed to reviewing youth sentencing as a stand alone project in order to produce up to date, consolidated guidance.

It is important to clarify that the Council is not consulting on the legislation upon which youth sentencing is based. The relevant legislation is a matter for Parliament and is, therefore, outside the scope of this exercise.

Published 12 May 2016