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Revised CAA strategic plan and detailed plans for 3 strategic objectives

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The outcome of the revised CAA strategic plan and detailed plans for 3 strategic objectives consultation is available on another website.

Original consultation


Seeking views on an updated CAA 'Strategic plan: 2011 to 2016' alongside objectives for consumer policy, work, safety and the environment.

This consultation was held on another website.

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Consultation description

In 2011, we published the CAA’s ‘Strategic plan: 2011 to 2016’. We have now updated the strategy to reflect progress, new challenges and opportunities, and changes to our statutory responsibilities and are consulting on the contents of the updated strategy.

In addition, we are publishing for consultation more detailed plans for 3 of our strategic objectives, the objectives are:

  • the CAA safety plan setting out how we propose to enhance aviation safety performance
  • the consumer programme sets out how we will improve choice, value and fair treatment for aviation consumers
  • the CAA and the environment which is our refreshed programme of work to improve environmental performance

Our purpose in publishing these documents together is to provide a full account of how we will be carrying out our work to 2016 and beyond.

Published 3 March 2014