Consultation outcome

Review of bus conduct regulations

This consultation has concluded

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Detail of outcome

Official response to the review of public service vehicles regulations 1990 which includes:

  • a summary of the responses collected
  • a record of events and actions

Original consultation

This consultation ran from to


Seeks views on updates to legislation on the conduct of bus drivers, conductors, inspectors and passengers on bus and coach services.


Consultation description

Following the Red Tape Challenge exercise, the Department for Transport committed to review the Public Service Vehicles (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations. These regulations outline the duties and expected behaviour of bus drivers, conductors and inspectors towards passengers on regular bus and coach services, and vice versa.

The department’s proposed amendments will:

  • correct a number of outdated definitions and references to other legislation
  • update the rules on interactions between drivers, conductors and passengers
  • remove legal requirements that are now covered elsewhere in legislation or by operator’s conditions of carriage