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The SSRO is consulting on changes to its reporting and DefCARS user guidance.

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Consultation description

The SSRO’s guidance helps defence contractors to prepare and submit reports required under the Defence Reform Act 2014 and the Single Source Contract Regulations 2014. Contractors must have regard to the SSRO’s guidance when preparing contract and supplier reports under the Act and the Regulations.

The SSRO is consulting on changes to parts of its current guidance. The current guidance is DefCARS - reporting guidance and system user guide for defence contractors - Version 6 published on 15 May 2019

This consultation is open to anyone with an interest in ensuring that good value for money is obtained in government expenditure on Qualifying Defence Contracts (QDCs) and Qualifying Subcontracts (QSCs) and that the prices paid under these contracts are fair and reasonable. We particularly welcome comments from individuals or organisations with an interest in non-competitive defence procurement.

The consultation runs until 23 August 2019. Written responses should be sent by email to

The SSRO welcomes the opportunity to meet with stakeholders to discuss the proposals during the consultation period. If you wish to arrange such a meeting, please contact us at the earliest opportunity via


Published 10 July 2019