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Reforming the soft tissue injury (whiplash) claims process

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A consultation on measures to disincentivise minor soft tissue injury claims & arrangements for personal injury claims in England and Wales.

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Consultation description

The government is bringing forward a package of measures to disincentivise minor, exaggerated and fraudulent road traffic accident related soft-tissue injury claims. The vast majority of these claims are known as whiplash claims. Despite previous government reforms, improvements in vehicle safety and a reduction in the number of reported accidents, the number of personal injury claims following a road traffic accident remains 50% higher than in 2006. This has led to higher car insurance premiums for motorists.

The government is determined to tackle the number and cost of these claims. Two reforms were announced in the 2015 Autumn Statement.

The government has now launched a consultation on the detail of these and two additional measures. Responses are welcomed from all interested stakeholders.