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Protected species licence charges: how to comment

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Find out about plans to make changes to the wildlife licensing service.

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Consultation description

Natural England is seeking views on:

  • proposals to introduce charges for the protected species licences
  • the charging structure
  • proposed exemptions from charges

You must have a wildlife licence from Natural England if you plan to:

  • disturb or remove wildlife
  • damage habitats

The introduction of charges is part of reforms to the licensing service that should:

  • provide investment in the wildlife licensing system
  • improve outcomes for protected species
  • provide a better customer service
  • ensure value for money for both applicant and taxpayer

We’re proposing exemptions from charges for licences where the purpose is:

  • to prevent serious damage to property (such as crops or fisheries)
  • to prevent the spread of disease
  • for householder development projects
  • for conservation project delivery
  • for conservation science

Natural England will maintain its impartiality in judging licence applications. We follow robust processes that are subject to routine scrutiny. Charging for licences won’t change the criteria by which we assess and issue them.

Published 11 December 2017