Open consultation

Proposals for revising the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime


A consultation on proposals for revising the Victims' Code.

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Consultation description

In September last year, we published the first ever cross-government Victims Strategy. We have already delivered a significant number of the commitments in the strategy and we are on track to deliver the rest. This consultation is the first stage in delivering our commitment to consult on a strengthened Victims’ Code, that will be both clearer, and more responsive to the changing nature of crime and victims’ needs.

We now want to hear what you have to say about our initial proposals for change, and the issues you think we should focus on. This consultation is the next step in ensuring the experience of victims within the justice system – whatever their particular path and eventual outcome – does not result in them becoming a victim of the process, as well as the crime.

Published 17 July 2019