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National Broadband Scheme - Market Engagement

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Seeking views on a procurement approach that would form part of a new state aid decision on allocating public funds to broadband projects.

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Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) have delivered high-speed broadband to 3.5 million homes and businesses as part of the Superfast Broadband Programme, with work continuing to reach 4 million by Spring 2016.

BDUK is launching a focused market engagement exercise and is seeking views from Local Authorities / Devolved Administrations and operators of broadband networks regarding a proposed new procurement approach that would form part of a new state aid decision.

To allocate public funding to projects, State aid approval is required through a decision granted by the European Commission. The previous Decision expired on 30 June 2015 and BDUK has been in discussions with the European Commission about a new decision in order commit further public funding to projects. As part of these discussions, a new approach has been developed that includes a number of measures to support competition at tender stage, as well as promote open access networks intended to encourage long term competition on the state sponsored network.

The aim of this document is to obtain feedback about particular aspects of the proposed approach. The feedback provided in this consultation will inform whether any changes are needed to improve outcomes (noting that some parts of the final scheme design may be constrained by the 2013 Broadband Guidelines). Feedback will also be used in the development of detailed guidance regarding the implementation of the procurement process under the scheme to make it as effective and practical as possible.


National Broadband Scheme - Market Engagement

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Published 26 January 2016