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The Defence Secretary launched the Modernising Defence Programme in January 2018 with the aim of further strengthening and modernising defence in response to a more complex and challenging international security situation. This report ‘Mobilising, modernising and transforming defence’ describes a set of policy approaches and capability investments that will help to keep us on track to deliver the right UK defence for the coming decade.

Supported by the additional £1.8 billion funding announced in the Autumn Budget, defence will:

  • mobilise, making more of what we already have to ensure our armed forces are best placed to protect our security
  • modernise, embracing new technologies and assuring our competitive edge over our adversaries
  • transform, radically changing the way we do business and staying ahead of emerging threats

As we move towards the 2019 Spending Review, we must sustain this momentum. The Defence Secretary will continue to work with the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the National Security Council to explore how these aims should be fulfilled alongside our other national security priorities.

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Review of MDP public consultation responses

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Ministry of Defence received over 100 responses to its Modernising Defence Programme (MDP) consultation. This summary provides an overview of the key themes that recurred throughout those responses. As the MDP is ongoing, it does not offer any comment on the views we received.

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Seeks views on the measures MOD should consider in order to modernise defence and the armed forces in a sustainable and affordable way.

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We have entered a period of sharply increased complexity and risk for global security. The strategic challenges identified in the 2015 National Security Strategy have intensified and combined faster than was foreseen, and the boundaries between competition, confrontation and conflict are blurring.

As a global actor with a global outlook, the UK has a responsibility to respond decisively to this challenging context.
The Modernising Defence Programme is looking at what defence needs and how defence works, so that we can deliver better military capability and continue to make a full and enduringly sustainable contribution to national security and prosperity.


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Published 7 March 2018
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