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Making Tax Digital: Voluntary pay as you go

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Original consultation

This consultation ran from to


A consultation on options for customers who must keep digital records to make and manage voluntary payments.


Consultation description


At Budget 2015, the Government set out the vision for a transformed tax system and in December 2015 launched the Making Tax Digital Roadmap, outlining more detail about what the transformed tax system will look like by 2020.

Because of the scales of these changes there is a lot we need to ask people about. We have published 6 consultation documents, each focusing on specific customer groups or elements of the Making Tax Digital reforms.

Focus of this consultation

This consultation

  • looks at options for customers covered by the requirement for digital record-keeping to make and manage their voluntary payments
  • considers how voluntary payments will be allocated across a customer’s different taxes
  • explores the best way of dealing with the repayment of voluntary payments

It also broaches the opportunity regular updating provides to make earlier repayments.

This consultation will be of interest to all businesses, the self-employed and landlords, as well as agents, business representative bodies, software developers and insolvency practitioners.