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Late payment: challenging 'grossly unfair' terms and practices

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Challenging grossly unfair terms and practices: summary of responses

Detail of feedback received

We received 39 written responses from:

  • public (1)
  • small businesses (4)
  • large businesses (7)
  • organisations (27)


We're asking for views on giving bodies power to challenge grossly unfair contractual terms and practices, and on defining 'grossly unfair'.

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Consultation description

We want to know your views on how to provide business representative bodies with wider powers to challenge ‘grossly unfair’ contractual terms and practices. This is set out in the 2011 EU Late Payment Directive.

We’re also asking for views on how, or whether, we should better define ‘grossly unfair’ in relation to late payments.

We welcome comments from across industry, particularly from business representative bodies and small businesses.


Published 3 February 2015
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