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Graduate labour market statistics: content and frequency of future releases

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Graduate labour market statistics: consultation response

Detail of outcome

Following consultation with users, we will be grouping our graduate labour market statistics (GLMS) into a single annual publication. This will allow us to provide more granular breakdowns of outcomes for different graduate sub-categories.

The first annual GLMS will be published on 26 April 2016.

Detail of feedback received

We received 12 responses to the consultation.

Original consultation


We're seeking views from users of the graduate labour market statistics on the frequency and content of future releases.

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Consultation description

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) produces graduate labour market statistics (GLMS). GLMS is published every quarter. It provides information on graduate, postgraduate and non-graduate outcomes by different age group for England. The breakdowns include employment rates, unemployment rates and gross median annual earnings.

We’re seeking information on:

  • who uses the GLMS and for what purpose
  • how BIS can make the GLMS more useful
  • users’ views on the future frequency and content of the GLMS, including the proposal to release the statistics on an annual rather than quarterly basis


Published 17 November 2015
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