Open consultation

General licences for wild birds: survey on management measures in England


Seeking views on what general licences to kill or take wild birds should cover. We're also asking for evidence on issues like record keeping.

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Consultation description

This survey is seeking views and evidence on how we should use general licences for wild birds. In particular, how they should be used to:

  • kill or take wild birds to conserve wild birds and to conserve flora (plants) and fauna (other animals)
  • kill or take wild birds to preserve public health or public safety
  • kill or take wild birds to prevent serious damage to livestock, foodstuffs for livestock, crops, vegetables, fruit, growing timber, fisheries or inland waters

This is the next phase of the review of general licences to kill or take wild birds in England, consisting of a survey, supported by workshops. As nature conservation is a devolved matter, this survey and our wider review applies only to England.

This survey and workshops will build upon the useful information that stakeholders provided as part of the call for evidence in May 2019.

Published 12 September 2019