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Further consultation on non-domestic smart metering: the DCC opt-out

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Original consultation

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Further consultation on the ‘DCC opt-out’ seeking further evidence on the impacts of retaining opt-out and views on the proposed amendments to the regulatory framework should the opt-out be removed.


Consultation description

This document is made up of two parts.

Part A seeks additional evidence on a) whether alternative service providers can demonstrate firm plans to develop a DCC equivalent service; and b) the impact on non-domestic consumers of retaining the DCC opt-out, particularly when switching between opted-in and opted-out supplier.

Part B invites views on the main amendments to the regulatory framework that would be needed to implement the removal of the opt-out and to protect consumers, should the Government decide to remove it.

Your response will be most useful if it is framed in direct response to the questions posed, though further comments and evidence are also welcome.