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Draft byelaws to protect reef features

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Formal consultation on 4 draft byelaws to prohibit the use of bottom towed fishing gear to protect reefs in 4 European marine sites.

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Consultation description

We are formally consulting on 4 draft byelaws to prohibit the use of bottom towed fishing gear to protect reefs in 4 European marine sites.

The purpose of the proposed byelaws is to protect features in 4 sites of Community importance (SCI):

  • bedrock reefs in Land’s End to Cape Bank SCI and Start Point to Plymouth Sound and Eddystone SCI
  • ross worm (Sabellaria spinulosa) reefs in Haisborough, Hammond and Winterton SCI and Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and Northridge SCI

The proposed byelaws will contribute to UK compliance with the EU Habitats Directive and Birds Directive, in line with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ revised approach to the management or fisheries in EMS.

This formal consultation will run for 6 weeks from 10 September until 22 October 2013.

All comments must be received by this date. Please state the name of the site your comments relate to.

We will consider all comments made on the draft byelaws and impact assessments.

Questions to consider when responding to consultation

  • If restricted from using this area, are there alternative areas or methods you would use?
  • What changes do you foresee in the environmental condition of the site(s) or fishing stocks with the proposed area restrictions?
  • Do you think there is sufficient information regarding the site features?
  • Could you suggest any other measures that could support the features within the site?
  • Do you have further information on additional costs to the industry which are not covered in the impact assessment (IA)?
  • Do you have additional evidence which would inform management of the site?

Any person wishing make representations must do so by 22 October.

These draft byelaws have been informed through pre-consultation engagement carried out between June and August 2013.

Published 10 September 2013