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Consultation on changes to our statistical products

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We received 12 responses to the consultation.

Having analysed the responses we’ve decided we’ll:

  • reduce the frequency of publication of Incorporated Companies in the UK from monthly to quarterly. The last monthly publication will be of June 2016 figures, to be published in July 2016. The first new quarterly publication will be in October 2016 for figures covering July to September 2016
  • reduce the length of the Incorporated Companies in the UK publication. We’ll ensure the information we provide remains helpful and informative so as to continue to meet our users’ needs
  • reduce the frequency of publication of Late Filing Penalties statistics from monthly to six monthly. The last monthly publication of Late Filing Penalty statistics will be of June 2016 figures, to be published in July 2016. Figures for the six month period April to September 2016 will then be published in October 2016, and those for the period October 2016 to March 2017 will be published in April 2017
  • accompany the key data table for Late Filing Penalties statistics with key explanatory points. We’ll ensure the key points provide helpful explanation in a concise manner

Original consultation


We're proposing to change the size and format of our statistical releases and the frequency we publish them.

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Consultation description

Proposal to change the period of time between statistical publications

Companies House publishes a range of statistics on company activity in the UK. We’re proposing to change the frequency with which we publish some of these statistics. The publications, along with the proposed changes to the frequency of publication, are outlined in the table below.

Publication title Current frequency Proposed frequency
Incorporated Companies in the UK Monthly Quarterly
Late Filing Penalties Statistics Monthly Biannually

Proposal to change the format of our statistical publications

At the same time as reducing the frequency of the Incorporated Companies in the UK and Late Filing Penalties Statistics publications, we are also proposing to change the format of the publications themselves. For the Incorporated Companies in the UK publication, we propose to significantly reduce the length of the PDF document.

The document will focus specifically on the key points in relation to register activity for the three month period, and comparisons with the same three month period in the previous year. Information on historical register activity will be reserved for the annual Companies Register Activities publication. The quarterly report will continue to contain key background information, and we’ll still publish the full range of data tables to accompany each release.

We propose to expand the Late Filing Penalties Statistics publication to contain key points relating to and explaining the figures. We envisage this being a web based publication as opposed to a PDF document. Again, we’ll still publish key background information and data tables to accompany each release.

Requesting user input

The proposed changes will allow us to dedicate more resource to the development of the statistics and the supporting material to accompany them. If accepted, the changes will take place over 2016. We are asking for your views on these proposed changes so that we can be sure that our products meet your needs. We want to understand what matters to you and the impact that these changes would have on you and your work.

Please consider the proposals and take about 15-20 minutes to respond to the consultation questions. The consultation will close on 29 April 2016. We will publish a summary of our findings within approximately 12 weeks of this closing date. If you have any queries please email

Published 3 March 2016
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