Consultation outcome

Authorised contractual schemes: reducing tax complexity for investors

This consultation has concluded

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Detail of outcome

This document summarises responses to the consultation on tax rules related to co-ownership authorised contractual schemes, particularly capital allowances and information requirements.

The government is publishing draft legislation and welcomes comments on its effectiveness in delivering its policy.

Original consultation

This consultation ran from to


A consultation on tax rules for investors in authorised contractual schemes (ACS) and reporting requirements on the ACS.


Consultation description

At Budget 2016 the government announced its intention to consult on tax rules related to authorised contractual schemes (ACS).

The purpose of the consultation is to:

  • set out capital allowances principles and the difficulties which may affect some ACS investors, and seek views on potential solutions
  • set out the government’s proposals for changes to requirements on the ACS to report information both to investors and to HM Revenue and Customs
  • invite suggestions of other tax changes which would improve the tax framework in this area

The government is keen to hear from current and potential investors in ACS and their advisers, as well as industry specialists such as trade bodies, fund administrators, and other interested parties.