Workforce management information for GLD, AGO and HMCPSI

Staff numbers and paybill costs for the Government Legal Department, Attorney General's Office and HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate

This workforce management information on staff numbers and paybill costs is published as part of the government’s commitment to transparency.

For workforce numbers, both payroll and non-payroll (contingent labour, including agency workers) information is provided, split between full-time equivalents (FTE) and headcount, with payroll staff numbers mapped to standard Civil Service grades. For costs, payroll paybill information is broken down into its component parts meaning salaries, allowances and employer’s pension contributions. For non-payroll costs, these are split between costs for consultancy and those of other non-payroll workers. Staffing numbers are as at the last day of the month for the reference month, while cost information is for the reference month.

This internal workforce management information is published in the interests of transparency. They are not official statistics. The figures have not been reconciled centrally with any National Statistics.

The information is in respect of the Attorney General’s Office, the Government Legal Department, and Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, and is published showing one spreadsheet for each financial year and with individual worksheet tabs for each month.


Published 24 January 2018