Work Choice provider live running memos

Work Choice provider live running memos

Work Choice provider live running memos.

These live running memos provide updates to the Work Choice provider guidance.

You can find copies of other Work Choice live running memos on the National Archive website.

Memos: 2017

Memos: 2016

  1. Work Choice provider memos: 2016

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Memos: 2015

  1. Work Choice provider memos: 2015

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Memos: 2014 and before

Published 14 November 2013
Last updated 22 December 2014 + show all updates
  1. Added provider memos LR31 and LR32 to the collection.
  2. Live running memo LR30 added to the collection.
  3. Work Choice live running memo LR29 added to the collection.
  4. Published Work Choice Provider Memo LR28 - updates to Work Choice provider guidance.
  5. Added provider memos LR26 and LR27 to the collection.
  6. Added provider memo LR25 to collecton.
  7. LR24 Provider Memo - Supported Business New Requirements published.
  8. Live Running Memo 23 added to the collection.
  9. First published.