Water quality and abstraction statistics

This series brings together all documents relating to Water quality and abstraction statistics

This series contains information on the quality of inland and coastal waters and of the abtraction of water from surface, groundwater, tidal and non-tidal sources.

The provision and management of water reources is critical to our health, social and economic wellbeing. However, pollution and flooding can cause significant economic, social and environmental damage. In addition, pressures are being exerted on water quality and our water resources such as climate change, high population densities, and land use patterns.

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  1. UK Bathing water quality statistics

    • Official Statistics
  2. Water abstraction from non-tidal surface water and groundwater

    • Official Statistics
  3. Seasonal outflow and rainfall estimates for the UK

    • Official Statistics
  4. River water quality indicator

    • National Statistics

Statistical datasets

  1. ENV17 - Bathing water quality: additional datasets

    • Statistical data set
  2. ENV-16 Harmonised Monitoring Scheme datasets

    • Statistical data set
  3. ENV15 - Water abstraction tables

    • Statistical data set