Excise duties, VAT and other indirect tax statistics

Collection of statistical publications and other statistical information for 11 indirect tax and duty areas.

The consultation on the reduction and consolidation of HMRC statistics publications, which ran between 8 February 2021 and 12 March 2021, has now closed and the feedback is being analysed.

VAT, excise duties and other minor industry specific duties and levies are also known as indirect taxes.

The 11 indirect taxes covered are:

  • Aggregates Levy
  • Air Passenger Duty
  • Alcohol duties
  • Betting, gaming and lottery duties
  • Climate Change Levy and Carbon Price Floor
  • Hydrocarbon oils duties
  • Insurance Premium Tax
  • Landfill Tax
  • Soft Drinks Industry Levy
  • Tobacco duties
  • Value Added Tax

Statistical publications

The latest statistical publications for all 11 indirect taxes.

Experimental Statistics

Other statistics information

Archived publications

Archived statistical publications.

Published 15 August 2013
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